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Home stay Trekking Tour

Home stay Trekking Tour in Sikkim is becoming more popular now a days.This type of trekking is economically cheaper comparatively with other types of trekking.

Sikkim is a land of abundant natural beauty with different cultures and religion. Home stay Trekking Tour gives you an unforgettable experience to live with the people of different mountain communities of Sikkim and a great way to explore traditional lifestyles of the land and its people.

New concept of tourism in Sikkim

Home stay Trekking Tour is a new concept of tourism in Sikkim and it is becoming more and more popular as it provide more opportunities to the trekkers to know and experience the local culture,tradition and life style of the village people.

It is one of the best way to trekking in different popular trekking destinations in Sikkim and gives you an opportunity to interact with local people as well as the pristine beauty of nature.

Local cultures and traditions

It provides an opportunity to interact as well as experience the daily way of life of the family and culture directly.Stay with village families and eat meals prepared by the family,local villagers serve as guides so that guests can experience village life.

Cultural programs such as dances and singing can be organized to highlight local cultures and traditions.Sikkim is a land of various different cultures and religion in its villages and houses life has got it’s own rhythm and meaning.

Home stay with a local Family

West Sikkim is a place of great natural beauty. In the surrounding of Pelling,Tashiding and Yuksom one can see some of Sikkim’s most impressive monasteries, sacred places and historical sites.

Travelling from village to village one gets to know the different ways of living of the Lepchas,Bhutias and various Nepali ethical groups.Experience a Home stay with a local family.

Natural wonders of Sikkim

Share with the people their local lifestyles close to nature and culture.Visit ancient Buddhist monasteries,participate in bird watching trails,treks,adventure activities,cultural festivals and natural wonders of Sikkim.

Interact with Nature in Sikkim

Thick forests, gushing rivers and waterfalls, Rhododendrons and orchids, colorful butterflies and birds and above all the majestic Kanchenjunga Range make Homestay Trekking Tour an unforgettable experience.


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